The M1-K9 Story

M1-K9 Collars was founded in 2009 in Huntington Beach California.  But the story really starts back in 1993 when Al Pozzolini (Owner, M1-K9 Collars) decided to be a tanker in the U.S. Army.  Those were the days of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  There’s nothing in the world like an M1 Abrams Tank!  Load, drive, shoot.  A 120mm main gun that can put a 60 ton tank on the rear of its tracks!  Whew! 

Fast forward and Al was in college when he got his first dog Luke.  Luke was a black lab from Cedar Valley Kennels in Stoddard, Wisconsin.  With a field trial blood line, Luke was about the most bad ass lab you could find and Al’s love for the breed was born.  Years would pass and Luke was a legend of a dog all the years through.  But Luke would not ultimately be the original M1-K9.  There would be the original M1-K9’s, plural…Jack and Betty.  It was when Al connected his love and respect for the military with his love and respect for dogs that he decided to make M1-K9 Collars.  And the rest is history!

Today at M1-K9 Collars the mission is simple.  Make the best possible product at the best possible price and treat your customers like family.  That’s why we call it the M1-K9 Family.  Our Creed, “Power, Discipline, Excellence!” is both an ideology of our Armed Forces as well as our mindset when it comes to the dogs we love so much. -M1-K9 Collars